For further insight in to how our process works, have a quick read through our list of specially prepared Frequently Asked Questions.

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Recruitment & Jobs

This section answers some common questions regarding recruitment and jobs.

Do I have to automatically accept a position proposed to me by a recruiter?

Absolutely not, they are simply suggestions.

Do I have to pay in order to work with a recruiter?

No, there are zero fees required by you.

Do I need a resume to apply to a job?

Yes; in order to find the best fit, we require applicants to possess an up-to-date resume.

Does BL Consulting continue to support me when I start a job?

Yes; if you have any workplace concerns or desire a lateral position change, feel free to contact us.

Does working temp jobs devalue my resume?

No; it actually adds value to it, as it showcases your desire and ability to learn new skills.

How can I book an appointment with a recruiter?

You can drop by our office at any time during open office hours, which are 9 AM to 5 PM.

How do I apply to jobs that I am interested in?

You can apply by filling in the form, or calling in.

How does finding a job through BL Consulting work?

It is done in-house at the BL Consulting office through our recruiters.

How much do your jobs pay?

Depending on the skills required, hourly wage ranges from minimum wage to $28 per hour.

Once my temp assignment is completed, will I be offered other jobs?

Not automatically; you will have to apply to them.

What do I do if never heard back from a job I applied to?

You can give us a call at the office to let us know, so we can follow up with the employer on your behalf.

Which job types does BL Consulting offer?

We offer all types; part-time, full-time, and temp work positions.

Employers’ FAQs

This section provides some additional information for employers.

Approximately how long does it usually take to fill a role?

Typically 1 week for the full process, beginning with an in-house interview, on-site interview, follow-up, finishing up with a reference check.

Does BL Consulting have any experience with confidential hiring?

Yes, we do confidential hires. We have notable experience with this, and can offer a high level of discretion to accommodate your needs.

Does BL Consulting offer payroll services?

Yes, and we can set up our own punch-in / time stamp log-in system. We can provide and set up the equipment at no extra charge.

How do I consult with BL Consulting about my hiring needs?

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please
give our office a call Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM in
order to set up an appointment.

How does BL Consulting find their talent?

We use our vast experience and a combination of print media, social media, and networking to acquire our talent.

How long does it take to deliver a candidate?

It generally takes 1 business day for us to deliver a match to your requirements.

Is BL Consulting able to do high-volume hiring?

Yes, we have the resources and expertise to serve high volume staffing needs, with upwards to 100 employees at one location.

Is BL Consulting able to help with filling permanent hire positions?

Yes, we are able to assist with permanent hires.

What kind of industries do you recruit in?

We offer workers covering a wide range of job capacities. This includes automotive, construction, furniture, health and beauty, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, warehouse, etc.